Pleased to meet you!

I love talking, but drawing feels more natural - so I'll let my images do most of the work today.

I am inspired by the everyday extraordinary and I feel compelled to illustrate daily. (Sometimes nightly too!).  I do this from my studio in the Kruger National Park, where I love the peace and quiet and the odd bit of entertainment from occasional baboons popping in. But that is not where my art story started. 

My art background

After a lifelong love of all things drawing, painting and sculpting, I spent four years at Stellenbosch University where I completed a BA in Visual Arts in 2009. 

While studying I attended an artist residency in Belgium and life really began to take an interesting turn. I was given the opportunity to attend two more artist residencies in Finland and Iceland and moved to Melbourne. Interesting times! 

Being a world citizen taught me humility and discipline to harness my artistic streak and back home after travels, I became one of the founding members of Blindspot Productions. This film company taught me the art of storytelling, so I obtained another degree - this time in Illustration, which I received Cum Laude in 2013. 

Big Moments

Drawing and painting allow me to tell the stories of life's little incidents and imperfect moments and that have led to more than a few big moments! 

Publishing my first children's book, A Counting Adventure, which is all about a little girl who discovers local Australian animals as she learns to count. 

Botanical art commissions. Portraying plants with minute attention to detail fascinates me. 

Exhibiting my work. It is always an honour to be part of an exhibition like the Smallworks exhibition at Brunswick Street gallery in Melbourne. 

Making a living remotely. By marketing my work on Instagram and having technology on my side helps. My images are used on calendars, greeting cards, educational products and more.